Synthetic Slate Roofing

A Modern Twist on a Classic Roof Installation

Synthetic slate roofing is an excellent alternative to traditional slate roofing. Traditional slate roofs are made from slabs of slate that are mined and carved into square tiles that are installed on the roof. Synthetic slate shingles look a lot like real slate (they even have chisel marks!) but are made of recycled materials. Since they are not actual stone, a synthetic slate roof installation is lightweight and easy to install. Synthetic slate comes in a variety of natural tones, allowing homeowners to find a color to complement their home. A modern update on a classical style, synthetic slate roofing combines the beauty of a slate roof with the weight and ease of installation of an asphalt shingle roof installation. Want to learn more about this hybrid roofing system? Keep reading, and dial 617-481-1725 when you’re ready to schedule your service.

roofer installing slate shingles on residential roof

Benefits of a Synthetic Slate Roof Installation

New roofs of any kind are selling points for a home, but a synthetic slate roof, with its unique, elegant appearance and long expected lifespan, can ensure increased property value and enhanced curb appeal. This roof installation lasts a long time and is durable, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

Synthetic slate weighs a lot less than its traditional counterpart, so you won’t have to get your roof reinforced when installing synthetic options. Furthermore, synthetic slate shingles tend to come with a manufacturer’s warranty; since authentic slate tiles are naturally occurring, no warranty is offered for those. While synthetic slate is a lot more affordable than true stone, neither roofing option is ideal if you are on a tight budget.

Synthetic Slate Roofs in Boston, MA

Looking to update to a synthetic slate roof? Call us at 617-481-1725. Our roofers are knowledgeable, licensed, and insured. We can answer any questions you may have about synthetic slate roofs or any other roofing options we offer. Synthetic slate roofing is a great option to look into, and we would love to talk you through the installation process.