Gutter Repair and Installation

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Gutters are a crucial component in your home’s roofing system. Their function is diverting water away from your home and its foundation. If your home’s gutters are damaged or altogether missing, your walls, landscaping, and attic would be regularly flooded, moldy, or wet. Gutters are made of a few different parts that work together to move water away from your home. The gutters catch the water. Downspouts direct the water downward while elbows change the direction of the downspout. Brackets are the parts that affix the gutter system onto the home or building. 

If you think it’s time to invest in a new gutter system, call the expert contractors at Absolute Construction Group LLC. We are your one-stop roofing shop in Boston, MA, and offer an array of roofing-related services. We do roof installations, inspections, repairs, and more. In addition to roofing services, we proudly provide window installations and repair as well as a range of masonry services, like concrete patios, repointing, and others. Absolute Construction Group LLC has been in business since 2007 and has earned the reputation of being a trusted, affordable, and skilled general contractor in Boston, MA. Think you’d benefit from our services? We’d love to help. The number to dial is 617-481-1725, or connect via our contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

Choose from Various Types of Gutter Systems

Peak out your window, and you’ll notice that white aluminum gutters dominate the marketplace. Though they’re not very fashionable, they’re functional. Aluminum gutters are lightweight and come in a wide selection of colors. Vinyl is another popular, affordable option. The sections of the gutter just snap together and are ideal if you plan on a DIY installation. Believe it or not, we can even work on wooden gutters. There are a variety of sizes, from 5″ to 6″ gutters, as well.

Seamless gutters are also made of aluminum, but they are fashioned on-site. Using sheet metal, installers custom-create gutter systems that have very few seams. This results in a system with few to no leaks. Seamless gutters work great in places that get lots of rainfall, as they’re able to handle sudden rushes of water.

Some higher-end gutter system options are zinc and copper gutters. Zinc is durable and doesn’t corrode like aluminum and other less expensive metals. Instead, a protective patina, which many property owners find lovely, covers the surface of aged zinc gutters. Copper gutters also develop that distinctive patina. That makes copper and zinc gutters ideal for luxury dwellings and historic restorations. However, unlike copper, raw zinc doesn’t have a high resale value, so it is less appealing to thieves. On top of it all, we make sure we work with trusted brands like Worthouse to make sure our supplies will keep your roof safe for years to come.

Keeping your gutters clean is a big task. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog the gutters. In time, this can damage the gutters, affect drainage, and the added weight can even cause gutters to separate from the roof. One way to protect your gutters from clogs is by installing LeafGuard filters over the gutters. These guards allow water to pass through the gutter while blocking leaves, twigs and debris from clogging them.

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How Do I Know Which Type of Gutter to Choose?

Though aluminum and vinyl gutters are the most popular, the reason is their affordability and not their performance. A well-installed aluminum gutter system can last about 20 years, and vinyl gutters average 15 years. In comparison, copper gutters offer 50 to 100 years and 80 to 100 years for zinc. In terms of cost, vinyl is the least expensive, followed by aluminum, zinc, and copper being the most expensive. 

Aside from cost and durability, there are many other things to consider when choosing a gutter installation. Call 617-481-1725 with all your questions, and we can help. We offer gutter installation in Boston, MA, and would love to help you make the best possible choice for your budget and home. Reach out today.