Roof Flashing Repair and Installation

Flashing and weather sealing on vent chimney on a shingle roof

Flashing Helps Keep Your Roof Watertight

Roof leaks can often be attributed to faulty flashing. Flashing is the thin metal material, typically galvanized steel, installed around the edges, valleys, and junctions between the roof and things like vent pipes, dormers, and chimneys. The idea is that water will flow down the flashing, onto the roofing material, and down to the gutters instead of funneling in through the junction in the roof. Sometimes, however, small holes or corrosion cause flashing to become damaged. They may also deteriorate or work loose from the surfaces they protect, opening up gaps for critters and water to penetrate. Since flashing tends to be placed in areas that receive heavy water flow, faulty flashing can funnel streams of water into a home.

Don’t neglect this unsung hero in your roof’s construction. Without proper flashing, your roof could become prematurely deteriorated or water in your home could cause leaks and moisture issues. If you’ve noticed that your flashing is damaged or altogether missing, call the roofing experts at Absolute Construction Group LLC. We have years of experience in the roofing industry and can help keep your roof and all its components in good repair. Call us at 617-481-1725 or fill out our contact form to connect.

Exploring Different Kinds of Flashing

There are several different kinds of flashing, and each one serves a unique purpose. While there are premade pieces of flashing available for installation, many roofers fashion their own flashing from sheet metal. Flashing can be made from aluminum, copper, and steel. Steel is usually the material of choice for flashing. It can easily be bent and resists corrosion when galvanized. Copper is sometimes used since it is malleable, long-lasting, and durable, but it tends to be expensive and discolors into a patina over time, which some people don’t like. Aluminum, though easy to form and lightweight, has to be coated if it’s to be used on the roof

Choose Absolute Construction Group LLC for your Boston, MA Roofing Needs

Absolute Construction Group LLC can help with many of your roofing issues, including flashing installation and repair. Flashing is an integral component of your roof, and without it, your home’s covering is vulnerable to water damage. If you notice missing or damaged flashing, don’t wait until you notice a leak. Instead, dial 617-481-1725. Our roofing experts are ready to take your call. In addition to flashing installation and repair, we install various kinds of residential roofs. We also offer masonry services including repointing mortar, building concrete patios, poured concrete works, and more. Connect today to learn more.