Repointing Mortar

Red Brick Wall with Large Crack and crumbling mortar

What is Repointing?

Brick is an exceptional masonry material. It is available in several colors and can itself be painted. It’s resilient to fire, wind, and pests. Brick structures have a stately appearance about them. Even if the building has fallen into disrepair, a brick structure commands respect. But that’s why you’re here — you’ve noticed cracks in your brick’s mortar, and you don’t want your building or home to fall into disrepair. A round of applause for you. Way to be proactive! Call 617-481-1725 to book your repointing service in Boston, MA.

So what exactly is repointing? Glad you asked, but first a vocabulary lesson in masonry jargon. Mortar joints are the gaps between bricks, concrete blocks, or glass blocks that are filled with mortar or grout. Mortar joints are often white or gray. Repointing is the process whereby damaged mortar joints are repaired. Mortar joints are foundational. Literally. Without them, you’d have a wobbly and leaky structure. But time, weather, land shifts, and other factors can cause mortar to deteriorate. Left unattended, significant structural damage can occur. Don’t waste time. Call Absolute Construction Group LLC if you need mortar repointing in Boston, MA.

How can I tell if my structure needs repointing?

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to tell if your home or business needs repointing. Clearly visible cracks in the mortar and gaps between the masonry and mortar are a sign that your brickwork needs some attention. If you can wiggle a loose brick like a tooth, it’s time to call 617-481-1725. On the inside of your home, damp patches and water stains on the interior walls are an indication that water has penetrated your home’s covering, and cracked mortar may be to blame. Even damp portions on the surface of the masonry may be caused by deteriorating mortar or grout. If you even have a sneaking suspicion that you might need reporting, it’s worth calling us to get a professional opinion.

Repointing Mortar Services in Boston, MA

Keeping your mortar in good repair can protect against future structural damage, water infiltration, pest infestation, and other issues. Absolute Construction Group LLC has provided masonry services in Boston, MA, since 2007. Our contractors are skilled, licensed, insured, and ready to tackle your mortar repointing needs. Call us at 617-481-1725 or use our contact form to reach out. Keep your brick beautiful and stable with Absolute Construction Group LLC.