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Boston, MA’s Concrete Installation Experts

Installing concrete is a challenging task, and each project poses its own difficulties and considerations. Shape, size, color, and finish all factor into the cost and estimated completion time of poured concrete projects. However, regardless of your concrete installation type, certain procedures must be adhered to to ensure a stable, level, and attractive finished product. At Absolute Construction Group LLC, we don’t cut any corners and work hard to create a product that is long-lasting and reliable. Our concrete masons offer a range of poured concrete works including patio installation, driveway construction, walkways, and more. Call 617-481-1725 to learn more about our services. 

The Poured Concrete Process

Before concrete can be poured, the area must first be prepped. Preparation work includes removing grass, trees, rocks, old concrete, and other obstructions, and exposing the bare earth below. Once cleared and leveled, masons add a layer of fill gravel to enhance the earth’s stability. Then, the wood forms, attached with metal or wood stakes, are set. These forms will be removed once the poured concrete has been cured.

Concrete is then mixed and poured into the forms until they are full to the top edge. Rakes, shovels, and other equipment are used to move the concrete and ensure that there are no air pockets or empty spaces. Next, using a large wooden or metal board, masons screed the top of the concrete. Screeding helps compact and consolidate the concrete and commences the smoothing and leveling process. Once level, a special broom is pulled across the surface of the concrete to create a rough, textured surface. This basic style of finish is known as a “broom finish.” Finally, the concrete is left to cure. The curing process takes up to 28 days, but the first 48 hours are the most crucial. After three to four days, you can use your concrete for light foot traffic and can drive and park on your concrete after about a week.

Absolute Construction Group LLC for all Your Concrete Needs

We are proud to offer a range of concrete masonry services in Boston, MA. We can install and repair driveways and walkways. We also install poured concrete patios. Call us for your repointing mortar needs, window replacements, and roof installations, too. Let Absolute Construction Group LLC be your one-stop home improvement shop. Call 617-481-1725 to connect. We can get started on your project today!