Window Repair

Window Repair is Just a Call Away

Windows allow your home to bask in the beauty of natural light. When functioning as they should, windows protect the inside of your home from the elements and help maintain a comfortable temperature within your home. However, a single damaged window can adversely affect the warmth and safety of your home. Condensation in your window pane or feeling a draft of air when you are near your window are signs that a window repair is in order. Cracks in the glass and windows that stick and/or are difficult to open are another common issue.

The team of professionals at Absolute Construction Group LLC is trained and skilled in current glass replacement techniques to ensure your window repair needs are appropriately addressed. If you notice leaky, foggy, cracked, or broken windows, don’t hesitate to reach out for a fast, affordable solution. No matter the size, shape, or location of your window, we can help. The number to dial is 617-481-1725. We are waiting for your call. 

Old Windows in Need of Window Repair.

Common Window-Related Woes

If your home has double-pane windows, you may notice condensation between the two panes. This moisture can indicate a broken seal, which seriously reduces energy efficiency as well as visibility outdoors.

Broken glass is a pretty obvious problem, but broken window frames or damaged interior window casings–or interior trim or even exterior trim–are also common. Wood and other materials like aluminum window wraps that keep windows in their place can become damaged by time, weather, water, and termites. A damaged window frame or cracked window can lead to a window leak, which often presents itself as coffee-like stains around your window. Window frames can also rot on account of heavy rainfall, snow melt, and humidity. If you notice this, call 617-481-1725 as soon as possible lest the problem worsens.

Damaged window parts, such as locks, hinges, and crank levers, can all cause your window to function improperly. Muntins and mullions are pieces of wood or plastic that sometimes sit between panes of glass and form a cross shape. Though muntins and mullions are often purely decorative, other times, they hold the window panes in place. If yours are cracked, chipped, broken, or altogether missing, call an expert, especially if your installation is functional and not purely aesthetic. 

Window wells are another essential part that you want to keep in good repair. Window wells are installed with basement windows to give you access to the window, improve ventilation, and help prevent flooding.

Old wooden window. Vintage frame texture with peeling paint.

Energy-Efficient Windows for Ultimate Savings

The Department of Energy reports that windows play a huge role in homeowners’ heating and air conditioning bills. If windows are outdated or improperly sealed, precious heat will escape during the winter while simultaneously allowing cold air to seep in. In the summer months, cool air can leak through cracks, leading your air conditioner to run more often than it ought. One way to improve energy efficiency is to add window-blocking film. Adding this film also provides you with more privacy.

When you hire Absolute Construction Group LLC for a window repair, we use only quality materials such as Marvin Windows, Mezzo Triple Pane Windows, and Anderson Windows coupled with advanced techniques to ensure an efficient window repair. We cover such materials as vinyl windows, aluminum-clad windows, wood windows, and composite windows. Other types of windows that we repair and replace include bay windows and picture windows, as well as new construction windows.

Competitive Pricing for Our Boston, MA Residents

Homeowners generally expect window replacements and repairs to be quite costly. But at Absolute Construction Group LLC, we use our business connections to offer our customers the best possible pricing on window repairs and replacements. And if only a portion of your window is damaged, why replace the whole thing? Our experts will conserve and use any functional parts of your window and just replace what is damaged. If it ain’t broken, why fix it? 

Is my window beyond repair?

As much as we would love to salvage your windows, sometimes, they are too far gone, and a window repair is not worth it. For times like those, we also offer window replacements. We work with you and local vendors to ensure that you get the best price possible for modern, energy-efficient windows. Our experts have over 15 years of experience in the industry and work diligently to replace your window so that it functions as it should and looks its best. 617-481-1725 is the number to call for all your window repair and replacement needs in Boston, MA.