Snap Lock Metal Roofing

metal roof installation with intricate attic window

Get a Metal Roof in Boston, MA, in a Snap

Standing seam metal roofs are among the most popular metal roof installations. They are on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to metal roofing options. They are durable, lightweight, and weatherproof. A type of standing seam offering many of the same benefits is the snap lock metal roof installation. A snap lock roofing system clicks together using concealed male and female legs that snap together. This method of fastening provides protection against leaks and pest infestation. It’s a low-profile roofing option that makes an elegant, lightweight roof covering.

If you’re interested in learning more about this kind of roof, reach out to the experts at Absolute Construction Group LLC. We know a roof and even a roof repair is an investment, and we want you informed and confident through the whole process. Whether you’re a returning satisfied customer or just browsing the net for the best residential roofer in Boston, MA, Absolute Construction Group LLC has got you covered. Call 617-481-1725 with all your questions because we have answers! You won’t be disappointed. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Snap Lock Metal Roof Installation

As their name indicates, snap lock metal roofs just snap together. There are no mechanical seams, making the installation process easier and faster. Because installation is easier, labor costs are significantly lower if you go with a snap lock roof. This is also true for the cost of the roof panel itself. In the world of metal roofs, snap lock are among the most affordable. 

Despite its many benefits, snap lock metal roof is not without its disadvantages. While more watertight than a corrugated metal roof, a snap lock metal roof is less weathertight than a mechanically seamed roof. When a roof is mechanically seamed, they are so tightly secured that water cannot seep through. However, because a snap lock roof snaps in place, there is an increased risk of leaks, especially if your roof isn’t regularly inspected and maintained. A snap lock installation also is not a good idea if you have a flat roof, one with a pitch less than 3:12. This is because water accumulates more easily on low-slope roofs. 

Choose Absolute Construction Group LLC for your Snap Lock Metal Roof Installation

Snap lock roofs are a great option if you are on a budget and in want of a metal roof. Absolute Construction Group LLC has been serving our community since 2007 and has many satisfied customers in the area. We work closely with our clients to equip them with all the information they need to make a wise decision about their roof. In addition to snap lock roof installations, we offer repairs on these and many other types of residential roofing installations, including asphalt shingles, synthetic slate, wood shake, and more. Choose the company that’s trusted, reliable, and affordable. Choose Absolute Construction Group LLC.